2016 Hillsdale Municipal Airport Fly-in Event

Here you’ll find 2016 Hillsdale Airport Fly-in information and updates.

Hillsdale Municipal Airport Fly-in is an annual event in Hillsdale County, Michigan. Hillsdale Airport Fly-in happens every summer at JYM. Hillsdale Municipal Airport in Hillsdale will be opening its doors to the public for its Pancake Breakfast and Fly-In next summer 2016. The annual event connects Hillsdale County residents with life up at the airport.

Hillsdale Airport Fly-in 2016 will be yet another spectacular event. Featuring aircraft from around the Midwest and beyond. 2016 Hillsdale, MI Fly-in will also feature a pancake breakfast sponsored by the Exchange Club of Hillsdale.

Hillsdale fly in Michigan